Faith based games for the family?

I am hoping to be able to gather some more great blog ideas for St. Dismas stories here at wordpress and I want to share a personal thanks to a lot of young authors who have picked up the pen to write their own faith based stories. I have had some time to read some of these stories and I think you are doing a fantastic job of composing exciting stories of good faith that will encourage many to gain interest in the word of God.

Recently I have picked up a lot of interest in faith based past time activities and would like to share a few of those here:

If you have a few minutes, check out some of the cool faith based games that are listed there. I am interested in getting my own Redemption cards going and maybe even finding some St Dismas cards somewhere in the mix! This might be an awesome career path down the line for someone who wants to develop their own faith based games for friends and family.

So here is to the ones who never give up the challenge of life, bringing the word of God everywhere they go without fear or hesitation, and a fun way to keep it going! God bless, stay safe and remember the message of the holy ghost:

“Love one another”


About dismaseve

I would like to assemble some authors to research Saint Dismas and write a screenplay and book about his life and how it is incorporated into the life of Jesus. Please send me a message and let me know if how and when you can participate. Or we can all just sit around and wait for some hollywood producers to snab up the blog ideas and just watch the movie later on. I am sure some money grabbers are looking into this. I would do it for non profit simply to gain the interest of movie goers into the story of the bible. Many people are bored with the bible and see movies like the Passion of the Christ as just another Jesus flick, so perhaps a story of Saint Dismas in an action packed movie in a setting like Prince of Persia for example would get some better attention.
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