The final days of St. Dismas

Dismas is awakened and greeted by a white dove which lands on his prison cell window. The dove drops some olives from a short vine which it was feeding from. The olives fall into the cell within reach of Dismas. Dismas quickly relives his hunger with the olives, knowing these are his last moments in this life before the day of judgement…

From one of the last pages of St. Dismas’s journal:

This may be my last journal entry, but I will write it anyhow as though my life had some good purpose. They have finally caught up to me. I am a prisoner of the Roman guard. I am sure they have been trying to keep up with me for some time, and that time has come for me. I am a prisoner waiting for my judgement. I know my time of sentencing is coming upon me swiftly. Somehow I feel I am charged with writing the last days of my life. I have awakened from a deep sleep just moments before I started writing this. I had a dream that told me these would be my last moments in this life. It was a dream that gave rest to my soul though. I will write it here, because I have been nourished by her, the holy ghost who brought me these olives. Last night I fell asleep, or passed out after being beaten by the guards. It was the deepest sleep I have ever felt. It was as though I had accomplished my life’s demands and my body was laid to rest. I dreamt I was awake with the holy presence. I was by an old tree I used to swing on by a rope as a child. The dream was like a heaven. She appeared and her voice was as the comfort of a silk laiden bed. She spoke softly, comforting my soul.

“Fear not, for I have not come to trouble thee.”

“For today you will witness your heavenly father’s grace which will comfort you in eternity”

I tried to speak to her after I heard this, as I recall in my dream…

“Who is my heavenly father? Why would he comfort me with his grace? I have done nothing to deserve that of which you speak…”

I was interupted, but not in jest…

“From the bowels of your heart will your mouth speak the words which the son of man WILL hear from you, and so shall you be saved by your own testimony.”

I tried one last time to speak to her as I tried to remember her heavenly image in my head. She was like no other I had ever known. She was like a heaven who would descend on her husband and keep him forever in her golden fortress. She sparkled like fine gems in the sun, a reminder to the prince she belonged to, that HE was the lord she served. Her beauty was not in vain, nor arrogant. It was a rare gem to her beloved…the one. I finally tried to speak one last time before the dream faded. Before she faded…

“What is my testimony? Who is the son of man that would hear my last words in this lifetime?”

Again, I was interuppted. This time when I was overcome by her voice, my soul felt as though it was overcome by an everlasting song which she sang. It was a new song which I had never heard before. The song was comforting to my soul and I felt grace within it. As I was being comforted, she spoke one last time to me before I awoke…

“Your heart will speak from the depths of your soul to your heavenly father who can save you. Only then, can you be saved through his grace…”

Then, in a fading voice of glory, she spoke to my soul in the most beautiful voice I had ever heard …

“I am……. the holy ghost….”

Then, I awoke, to write this journal page… I can hear the guards coming towards my cell to bring me to the light of day. This is my time…


About dismaseve

I would like to assemble some authors to research Saint Dismas and write a screenplay and book about his life and how it is incorporated into the life of Jesus. Please send me a message and let me know if how and when you can participate. Or we can all just sit around and wait for some hollywood producers to snab up the blog ideas and just watch the movie later on. I am sure some money grabbers are looking into this. I would do it for non profit simply to gain the interest of movie goers into the story of the bible. Many people are bored with the bible and see movies like the Passion of the Christ as just another Jesus flick, so perhaps a story of Saint Dismas in an action packed movie in a setting like Prince of Persia for example would get some better attention.
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