Dismas’s younger year

This is a continuation of the story from the catholicismpure blog. I was sitting outside on this Friday the 13th thinking some more about the childhood of Dismas and I could not help but get in that dreamy state of mind again where my imagination runs wild, trying to fill in all of the missing story that is not in the bible. I try to keep it realistic and sometimes the story I am thinking of gets very deep because alot of the people in the bible are closer together then some of us would imagine. So, I started thinking about the way Dismas grew up as a young boy and what children back then would do in their own spare time since they did not have electronics such as we do in this day. It came to mind that perhaps they were just like most kids nowadays who do not have much money and gadgets to play with, so they played outside. Then for some strange reason I thought of Judas Iscariot hanging himself on the rope at the end of his life. The rope was tied on an old oak tree that had been there for many many years, oh say about 40 or so. Then my imagination went back to Dismas when he was 8 years old, swinging on a rope with other kids laughing and playing. It was, that very same rope that Judas Iscariot would hang himself on years later. The children playing that day would never know what would become of the rope however. Awhile after they found Judas Iscariot hanging on the rope, some of the people who came to witness the suicide were the same people who were once the same children who use to play with Dismas, swinging on that rope. They stopped and thought to themselves – wow, I remember when I was a young and use to swing like Tarzan on that rope with Dismas. So, perhaps this may be incorrect because of the locations of everyone during those times. So where did Judas hang himself? And is it possible that Dismas did live in the area at one point with his family where he swung from that rope? Remember, Dismas’s father was a merchant and most likely traveled a lot. So it is possible that this could be true. Now, if it was proven to not be true, for the screenplay, I think that a flackering image of Judas Hanging himself goes between Dismas as a young boy swinging on a rope. And finally, an empty rope with a noose at the very end with noone around, which turns into a final scene with a young boy who walks up and looks at the rope and starts swinging on it which happens right after Jesus is crucified. If anyone would like to share their thoughts about this, please feel free to do so. I cannot say whether or not I will start writing and piecing together this story, but I would like to have some facts from people who are interested and at the same time keep it entertaining. The whole idea of the story is to give people something new to read which leads to the gospel of Christ in the very end. I see some people hear about the bible and they get this look on their face that its the same old same old. I believe it is time that we expand on bible stories in a very informational and educational way. I would like to call this book “Remember Me” since that is what Dismas said to Jesus in his last breath. It will be a book that is friendly for children and adults of all ages to enjoy. Well, all ages who can read at least 🙂 God Bless everyone reading this who has taken the time to seek out St. Dismas and his story of salvation.


About dismaseve

I would like to assemble some authors to research Saint Dismas and write a screenplay and book about his life and how it is incorporated into the life of Jesus. Please send me a message and let me know if how and when you can participate. Or we can all just sit around and wait for some hollywood producers to snab up the blog ideas and just watch the movie later on. I am sure some money grabbers are looking into this. I would do it for non profit simply to gain the interest of movie goers into the story of the bible. Many people are bored with the bible and see movies like the Passion of the Christ as just another Jesus flick, so perhaps a story of Saint Dismas in an action packed movie in a setting like Prince of Persia for example would get some better attention.
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